About Us

Kindred Clothing is a Calgary clothing company created by Diana Herring that is trying to redefine what beauty means in the fashion industry. Kindred wants women of all shapes and sizes to be able to find clothing that fit right, and that make you feel great while staying local, ethically made, and inclusive!
Diana started this clothing company because there are not many plus size clothing companies in Canada, let alone companies that have a range of all clothing sizes that are sized up in the right way.
She wants to give beautiful ladies of all shapes and sizes fashionable options, which is why Kindred ranges from XXS-5X. This year, Kindred has used a male model for our clothing articles to ensure inclusivity for ANYONE who wants, and deserves to be beautiful! All the models featured in our photos are not professional models and were picked specifically to showcase how our products look on a great range of shapes and sizes! Our Photographer is also local to Calgary, we love staying local for everything!
All of our products are handmade out of our studio right here in Calgary, Canada! We sew local, while still providing clothing at a reasonable price. We are also able to  customize individual garments upon request (in terms of length of our garments for taller or shorter individuals) so please don't hesitate to call us with any questions or specifications for clothing!